Non-Profit Investment Management

Non-Profit Management

We provide the framework for Boards to successfully fulfill their fiduciary responsibilities.

Becker Capital is a trusted partner of over 50 non-profit organizations and has decades of experience in investment management.

We understand the complexities many non-profits face, from investment policy creation, incorporating socially responsible parameters and spending policies, to board education. We provide the framework for boards to fulfill their fiduciary responsibilities. We take it one step further with reporting. We believe that board members should be able to meet face to face with the individuals running their money. We couple this with transparent statements that make it easy to track performance to benchmarks and policies.

Our Non-Profit Board Framework

Goals and Objectives

  • Spending policy
  • Capital preservation/appreciation
  • Cash flow needs

Investment Policy Statement

  • Creation/modification
  • Implementation
  • Donor/social restrictions

Dynamic Portfolio Management

  • Monitor market conditions
  • Define portfolio restrictions
  • Manage asset allocation and diversification
  • Construct diversified portfolio

Client Service and Reporting

  • Quarterly performance and commentary
  • Attend board/committee meetings
  • Monthly custodial statements

Board Education

  • New trustee education
  • Planned giving
  • Gift strategies

Philanthropy Focus

  • 1% of Becker Capital’s gross revenue is donated to charities
  • Consistent financial support of non-profit clients
  • Formal employee matching program
  • High employee involvement: Becker Capital and its employees value philanthropic involvement, whether it’s board participation, volunteering, or charitable giving

Client Specific Objectives

  • Risk tolerance
  • Time horizon
  • Return objective
  • Investment values & mission
  • Liquidity debt profile

Reassessment of Asset Class Assumptions

Reevaluate short-term assessments on an ongoing basis, and 10-year assumptions on an annual basis.

Non-Profit Framework

Qualitative & Quantitative Asset Class Assessment

Utilizing a mean variance optimization framework based on Nobel prize research, establish risk, return, and correlation assumptions for each asset.

Portfolio Construction Tailored To Client

Building a client portfolio utilizing active and passive securities to achieve objectives while minimizing risk.

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