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Institutional Management

Becker Capital has been a trusted manager of capital for institutional investors for over 40 years across a range of investment strategies.

Investment Philosophy

We believe the markets provide opportunities to invest in individual companies across the market capitalization universe that are trading at a discount to their intrinsic value. We act independent of Wall Street, focusing on valuation, and invest for the long-term.

At our core, we are value investors seeking to leverage dislocations in prices of quality assets to build long-term wealth for our clients. With an average of 28 years industry experience, our investment team applies a bottom-up, fundamental research process to uncover investment opportunities. In all cases our team focuses on the price we are willing to pay adjusted for the risks involved.


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Becker Capital’s Socially Responsible Investing Capabilities

Becker Capital has a long history of serving clients with a broad range of mandates and beliefs. While underlying values may vary, the process for aligning investments with clients’ values does not. Becker Capital utilizes both in house and third-party issue-based research (MSCI®, eValueator®, and SUSTAINALYTICS®) to identify issues that may prevent or encourage investment in a particular security based on non-financial characteristics. We also maintain knowledge of investment guidelines and practices advocated by leaders of the faith and secular communities.

Becker Capital Large Cap Value Equity ESG Portfolio

An extension of Becker Capital’s SRI experience, the Large Cap Value Equity ESG strategy aims to increase engagement with clients and provide guidance on the myriad of environmental, social and corporate governance factors that exist. Instead of pure security exclusion, Becker has identified several ESG criteria that have been positively correlated with relative performance. Melding its value-based investment style with these values-based factors results in a portfolio comprised of companies that are addressing environmental threats and opportunities, focused on human rights and promoting board diversity.


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