A significant portion of our business is partnering with nonprofits across the Pacific Northwest, providing advice, access, and management of their financial resources.

Our goal is to be your trusted partner in all areas of nonprofit management, from managing strategic short-term reserves and customizing your investment management to helping boards fulfill their fiduciary responsibilities.

When it comes to impact investing, our team is well-versed in environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) and has significant expertise working with faith-based organizations. No matter what your focus may be, we have the tools and software to delineate and customize your investment portfolio to your nonprofit’s specific areas of interest.

Tom Doyle


Meet Tom Doyle

We hired Tom Doyle as an additional element to further enrich the services we provide to our nonprofit clients. Tom joined the Becker Capital team for the dedicated purpose of supporting our nonprofit clients and their leaders. He brings a wealth of experience as a board and administrative leader for many nonprofits, making him highly attuned to the challenges that nonprofits typically face. Today, he works with our clients’ boards, executive directors, presidents, and leadership teams to help tackle their strategic, tactical, and cultural challenges.

Tom has work and project experience in social services, education, healthcare, the arts, and the environment and has supported dozens of projects for nonprofits and foundations. In addition to an educational background that includes the liberal arts and theology, Tom also has an MBA—all of which position him as a strong and valuable conversation partner, whether the topic is financial statements or mission statements. Tom is passionate about developing leaders, and he has cultivated an extensive network that makes him a natural connector in our communities.



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A Culture of Giving

When people think of Becker Capital, community involvement almost always comes to mind. We proudly embrace a philanthropic company culture that demonstrates our commitment to the communities where we work and live. As one of the most philanthropic medium-sized companies in the state of Oregon for more than a decade, we donate 1% of our gross revenue to charity every year. We also have a formal employee matching program and give our employees time off to volunteer, resulting in more than 2,000 volunteer hours annually.

  • 1% of Becker Capital’s gross revenue is donated to charities
  • Formal employee matching program
  • Employee volunteer incentives
  • 2,000+ annual volunteer hours
Corporate Philanthropy Awards - Becker Capital Management Inc. 20203

Becker Capital Management has been a recipient of the Portland Business Journal’s Corporate Philanthropy Award every year since 2011.

Rankings for Portland Business Journal's Corporate Philanthropy Awards provided by the Portland Business Journal. To generate rankings for the Corporate Philanthropy Awards, the Portland Business Journal sends surveys to thousands of companies in Oregon and Southwest Washington, asking them for the total hours of employee volunteer/pro bono work in Oregon or Southwest Washington as well as total cash and charitable contributions made. Companies eligible for consideration include any business with a substantial presence in Oregon and Southwest Washington. Rankings are not representative of actual client experiences or outcomes and are not indicative of any future performance. Becker Capital Management did not pay a fee to be considered for this ranking and is not aware of any facts that would call into question the validity of the ranking.

Client-Specific Objectives

  • Risk tolerance
  • Time horizon
  • Return objective
  • Investment values & mission
  • Liquidity debt profile

Reassessment of Asset-Class Assumptions

Reevaluate short-term assessments on an ongoing basis and 10-year assumptions on an annual basis.

Nonprofit Framework

Qualitative & Quantitative Asset-Class Assessment

Utilizing a mean-variance optimization framework based on Nobel Prize-winning research, establish risk, return, and correlation assumptions for each asset.

Portfolio Construction Tailored to Client

Building a client portfolio utilizing active and passive securities to achieve objectives while minimizing risk.

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